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Evo Voice has a very simple yet powerful way to achieve call center functionality using the Queue Node


The Queue Node allows you to create a standard call queue which will ring the members of the queue in least active "most idle" fashion.



In Evo Voice, the Queue Node is the main entry point into call center queueing. Queues have multiple members and a single user can be members of multiple queues.

Every queue should have a unique name across the entire system, for example "Sales", "Support". If you try to add a Queue Node to a flow and that name is used in another flow, you will get an error.

Wait Music

By default, anybody that is queued will hear standard ringback tone. If you want to provide customized messages (either text to speech or audio) you can use the Wait Music fields to configure what the caller will hear while waiting. For example


In the example above we have a text to speech message followed by music that will be played. Please note that this sequence will repeat, so you will want to time your sequences accordingly.


There are two timeouts that you can configure on a Queue. Queue timeout and Agent timeout.

Queue Timeout determines how long a caller can remain in queue holding before we will transition to the Queue Timeout.

Agent Timeout determines how long we will ring an agent when we send them a call before transitioning to the Agent Timeout.


Once you have added a Queue Node to any flow, the Call Center tab on the Dashboard will become available automatically with real-time stats for your queues



We have special options directly integrated into HostedSuite for call center agents.

First you will want to make sure you check the Enable Call Center Features on the Settings tab of the phone system config in HostedSuite


After you do this, the Agent State button and the Reject button become available on the toolbar


The Agent State button allows the agent to go into Not Ready, Logout, etc.

The Reject button allows the agent to bounce a ringing call so that it goes to another agent