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Evo Voice supports operator transfer of Chat from HostedSuite but it works slightly different to how voice call transfers work.

We support two types of transfer for an operator Chat session - Transfer to SMS and Transfer to App. Both work exactly the same, but are configured slightly differently.

Configuring HostedSuite

This walkthrough assumes that you already have at least one incoming Chat endpoint (e.g. an incoming phone number for SMS messages or a Skype bot, Facebook page etc.)

In HostedSuite, the first thing you want to add is configure any phone numbers or users that you want to transfer to under the Contact's phone numbers, for example:


Notice that in the above screen shot we have added my mobile number and also the email address associated with the User Endpoint that I sign in to the app with


Incoming Chat

Now go ahead and send in an incoming chat session, e.g. send an SMS or Skype message, for example:


(Ignore the fact that the caller says Patrick Greene, that is because I sent a Skype message in from my personal Skype)

We are now going to INVITE Patrick's cell phone to the conversation by clicking on the Cell phone button (the same applies for the User button, it would just invite the app as opposed to SMS)


You can see in the above screenshot that the chat has changed to the green "transferring" state and that 18144043093 joined the chat

I can now tell the client that we have Patrick for him and they can continue the chat on their own:


And here you can see it from the mobile phone side:


And here you can see it from the caller (Skype) side:


The operator can then connect the two parties by clicking the Connect button


Please note that during a Chat transfer, ALL parties are connected at the same time. There is currently no option to put a chat party on hold, so the operator should speak with the client under the assumption that anything she says in chat is visible to everyone.