Conference Bridge Recipe

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This recipe will show you how to create a conference bridge that is associated with an incoming Phone Number that has a pin.


Let's go ahead and create a new flow that we'll call Conference Bridge, e.g.


Click on the Parameters tab and go ahead and add a new Public String parameter called Pin, e.g.


Click Add Parameter.

Now add another Public String parameter called Greeting, e.g.


And finally add a Public String parameter called ConferenceName e.g.


Your parameters should look like the following:


Now go ahead and add a new Prompt node to the designer and set its properties as follows

What to Say: Flow Parameter: Greeting

Num Digits: 4 (this could be however long you want your pins to be)

Transitions: Add one that has Text to Match = Flow Parameter: Pin Label: Pin Correct (doesn't matter)

Make it your start node. Your Flow should now look like the following:


Now add a Conference node to the Designer and link it to the Pin transition on the Prompt node, e.g.


Set the Conference Node's Name property to Flow Parameter: ConferenceName, e.g.


The Name property of the Conference Node determines what "room" the caller will join. This can be anything but since we have made it a Flow Parameter, we will be setting it PER PHONE NUMBER.

Let's add another Say node and change its What to Say to be "I'm sorry that isn't a valid option". Link the Done and No Input Transitions on the Prompt to the Say node, e.g.


Finally, add a Restart Flow node and link the Say's Done transition to it, e.g.


This will take the caller back to the start of the Prompt if they enter anything invalid.

Save your Flow

Set Up a Phone Number

Now let's go ahead and set up a phone number to bring us into a conference bridge.

Click on Endpoints and select the phone number you want to make a conference bridge for and click on the Flow tab.

Change the Flow to Conference Bridge and fill in the fields, e.g.


Note it is important that the value you put in the Conference Name is unique. This becomes the official ID of the Conference Bridge so if you use the same Conference Name on multiple phone numbers, they will all lead to the same bridge.

Save your endpoint and dial in :)