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Used to dial users and external phone numbers


The Dial node is a very common node which is used to dial Users and/or external Phone Numbers

It is important that if you are dialing out, e.g. using the Numbers to Dial property, that you specify a Caller ID which determines which Phone Number is used to make the call

You can use the Record Call setting to record the call and then later use the Recording Ready asynchronous Transition to handle the recording.

Use the Timeout property with the No Answer Transition to continue the call flow if no one picks up.

Note You can combine external numbers with Users Note Do NOT mix SIP users with Soft Phone users in the dial node


Field Name Type Description
Users To Dial List
Numbers To Dial List
Teams To Dial List
Caller Id PhoneNumber
Any Caller Id String ADVANCED: Specify the caller ID to be used. Note that this should not be used unless Twilio has enabled this feature on your account. Talk to Evo before using.
Send Caller Name To Sip Phones Boolean Send caller name (when available) to SIP phones
Application Data List
Timeout In Seconds Number
Time Limit In Seconds Number The max duration that this call is allowed to be in seconds. Leave 0 for default
Country Code String
Respect Agent States Boolean If this is set to Yes, Evo Voice will not dial any endpoint whose agent state is not set to Ready in the console
Answer On Bridge Boolean Will cause the inbound call to ring until the dialed number answers.
Ringback Tone String Override the ringback tone played to caller. If not specified will use carrier ringback. Accepted values are: at, au, bg, br, be, ch, cl, cn, cz, de, dk, ee, es, fi, fr, gr, hu, il, in, it, lt, jp, mx, my, nl, no, nz, ph, pl, pt, ru, se, sg, th, uk, us, us-old, tw, ve, za
No Answer Transition
Answer Transition
Failed Transition
Busy Transition
Record Call Boolean
End Recording After Hangup Boolean
Recording Ready Transition
Recorded File AudioFile
Recorded File Url String
Recording Sid String
Dial Mode String
Callback Number String Override the callback number (for SIP to User communication)
Conference Mode Ringback Tone AudioFile
Sip Refer Transition
Byoc String The SID of the BYOC trunk to use