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By default, any SIP extension that you create in Evo Voice does not support 911/emergency calling.

When enabling e911 in Evo Voice you are effectively linking an Incoming Phone Number with a SIP User.

This means that when the SIP device makes an outgoing emergency call to 911, the address associated with the Incoming Phone Number will be sent to emergency services.

In order to enable emergency calling on an Evo Voice number there are a few basic steps that you must take

  1. Create an Emergency Address that will be associated with the incoming phone number
  2. Enable Emergency Dialing on the incoming phone number and associate it with the address created in step 1
  3. Associate the SIP User with the emergency phone number and update the phone's SIP domain setting
  4. Test

Create Emergency Address

To create an emergency address to associate with the phone number, click on the System section > Settings tab and expand the Addresses section.

Please note that multiple phone numbers can all use the same Emergency Address


Click New Address and enter a Friendly Name for the Address, the home owner/business name, and all of the address fields, and check the emergency box, e.g.:


You may get an error message when saving such as:


If so, correct the address to have the exact fields shown in the error message and then click Save again

Enable Emergency Dialing on Incoming Phone Number

Now that you have the address created that you want to associate with the phone number, go into Endpoints and search for the incoming phone number that you want to enable e911 on and click to edit it

Please note that this phone number must already be assigned to a Flow, if you haven't assigned it a Flow yet, do so and Save before proceeding


Click on the Emergency Tab and check the "Enable Emergency Calling" box. You must now select the address to associate with this phone number, e.g.:


It is highly recommended that the flow you use for this number ring directly to the SIP User that you intend to enable for emergency dialing using a "Dial User" type flow so that if emergency services have to call back, it rings to the same user.

Update SIP User Settings

Now that you have configured the phone number for emergency dialing, you will want to select that phone number as the Emergency number for your SIP User(s)

Go ahead and under Endpoints select your SIP user and click on the SIP tab


In the Emergency Number box, go ahead and search for the number you just enabled and then click Save.

Please note that after making this change the phone's SIP domain will change and it will need to be updated on the device

Testing Everything

Please note that after you configure a phone number/SIP device for e911 services, it can take up to 10 minutes before the SIP handset is ready to test e911 dialing

You can test e911 by dialing 933 from any SIP handset. A message will be played back with your caller ID and the emergency address associated with the number.

You can also test by dialing 911 and telling the operator that you are placing a test call and to please tell you the address that is showing for your call. Please note that some areas require scheduling a test 911 call so please make sure to check the regulations in your area.

If any of the above scenarios fail, please contact your Evo support rep for assistance.