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Evo Voice supports incoming and outgoing Faxes.

Purchasing a Fax Number

In order to get started, you must first purchase a Fax number by clicking on the Endpoints section and clicking New Endpoint > Fax Number.

You can search the same way you do for a Phone Number. Once you have purchased the fax number, continue to how you would normally configure the flow

Fax Flows

Fax Flows are configured the same way flows are for all other endpoints, however there are only certain nodes which can be used within a Fax flow, for example you can't use a Dial node.

Basically you can use any "logic/decision" node in Fax Flow (e.g. time of day etc) and you can use any of the nodes under the Fax section


A very simple example of a Flow which receives a Fax and emails the PDF to someone is shown below


This example uses the Receive Fax node in order to receive the fax and store it in a PDF file. This PDF file is then emailed to the client.

More detail for receiving a fax can be found in the Receive Fax Recipe