Hello World Recipe

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This recipe will show you the "Hello World" of Evo Voice. It will guide you through purchasing a phone number, creating a flow, and assigning that flow to the phone number.

Purchase a Phone Number

This step is optional, if you have already purchased a phone number, you can move on to step 2.

Click on the Endpoints section on the left and click the New Endpoint button and select Incoming Phone Number


Use the fields in the window that appears to search for and purchase a phone number.

Create a Flow

Click on the Flows section on the left and click to add a new flow. Call this Flow "Hello World". You should now have an empty Flow Designer for "Hello World"


Add a Say Node

Select the Toolbox tab on the right, expand the Messaging section, and click the Add link next to the Say node. This will add the Say node to your canvas.


Connect the Say Node to the Start Node

Left click the light blue box next to the Start node and drag that to the Say node


Modify the Say Node to Say Something

Select the Say Node if you haven't already by clicking its title bar. It should now be shown in blue. On the right in the Properties pane, modify the "What to Say" and optionally "Voice" to change the behavior of your Say Node, e.g.


Save Flow

Click the Save button to save your changes.

Assign the Flow to Phone Number

Click on the Endpoints section again and click to Edit the phone number that you purchased (or the one you want to test with)

Select the Flow tab and in the Flow dropdown, choose "Hello World"


Save the Endpoint.


Now, test it out by calling the phone number associated with the endpoint from your cell phone. You should hear the message that you entered in the voice you chose.