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This page will explain the basics for how to connect HostedSuite to the Evo Voice platform

Create Users

The first step is to create an Evo Voice User for each of your operators. Use the Users link for more information on creating users.

Note The HostedSuite integration is a 100% soft phone integration. When you create the users above, make sure that you set them in Soft Phone mode, it will not work in SIP mode.

An example user config is shown below


Login to HostedSuite

The next steps will take place within HostedSuite, so go ahead and login to your local server as an administrator (or the URL that Evo gave you) and when ready proceed

Create a Phone System

In HostedSuite, click on the Phones > Phone Systems link and click the New Phone System Button

The settings which are important for Evo Voice are described in the following table

Setting Description
Phone System Type Choose Voice
IP Address Generally you will leave this blank unless instructed otherwise
Devices : User Name This will be set to the email address you chose when creating the Evo Voice operator user(s)
Devices: Password This will be set to the password that you chose when creating the Evo Voice operator user(s)

The following shows a simple configuration based upon the User created above:


The main fields which must be specified are the Phone System Type: Voice and then under Devices, an entry for each User created.

Screen Pop Settings

Note Unlike other SIP systems, we do NOT screen pop on caller name, so the screen pop settings should be left default but we do recommend checking the Allow Partial Match box


Save the phone system. In a couple seconds you should see the user names listed in the Change my Phone list, e.g.:


Client Screen Pops

Screen pops in HostedSuite should be setup using the following table as a guide

Endpoint Type Screen Pop Example
Phone Number 10 digit number 15556667777
Web Chat webchat:endpointName webchat:Home Page
Facebook facebook:endpointName facebook:My Facebook Page
Slack slack:endpointName slack:My Slack Channel
Skype skype:endpointName skype:My Skype Bot

Please note that in the above chat examples, e.g. Facebook, Web Chat, etc. you should use the Endpoint Name in Evo Voice, for example:


Application Data

HostedSuite makes special use of the Application Data field on the Dial Node.

Call Notes

You can use Application Data to set the Call Notes for an incoming call before it even rings the operator.

For example


and here is the call ringing in


Caller Number

You can use Application Data to override the Caller Number that shows up in the console. This is helpful if for example you have extensions for your SIP phones and want to use that endpoint data

For example, in our Outgoing flow that we assign to SIP devices and Soft phones


Conference Calls

You can do 3+ way calling from the console with Evo Voice. In order to perform a 3+ way call, please use the following steps

  1. Make sure that you are currently active on a call (this can be either an incoming or an outgoing call) - the box in the console should be blue
  2. Type the number that you want to add to a conference in the dial box and click the green + button (please note we don't currently support adding extensions to the conference)
  3. There will be a slight blip and then you will all get connected into a conference
  4. You can add more parties by repeating step 2

Please note that currently you can only add outside numbers (e.g. +15556667777) to a conference call, not internal extensions


99% of the time, if a user is not showing up in the drop down list, it is because you have entered the wrong email address or the wrong password on the Devices list.