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Evo Voice does not support server controlled SIP Intercom functionality, but you can still achieve something similar using features available on most common SIP handsets.

After completing the configuration below, you will have an extension which when dialed will automatically answer and activate speaker phone so that the caller can talk out loud.


First, configure the SIP account on the phone like you would for a normal SIP extension.

Intercom functionality is achieved by turning on the "Auto Answer" feature for the SIP account. For example, on Grandstream phones, this is done on the Call Settings page for the specific SIP account, e.g. from the top menu Accounts > Account 1 > Call Settings


Click Save and Apply and now whenever you call the SIP extension it will beep once and then pick up on speaker phone (make sure the handset is in the cradle)

Selective Intercom Calling

Since Evo Voice does not support server controlled Intercom, you may have a scenario where you want to be able to call a phone normally at times and with intercom at other times.

In order to achieve this functionality, you can create two SIP extensions on the phone, e.g. 4000 for normal calls and 4100 for intercom calls. You would then configure the SIP Account on the phone for 4100's calling settings to have Auto Answer on, but for 4000 this would remain off.

Then when you call 4000 the phone will ring normally and when you call 4100 the phone will automatically answer.