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This article will go through the questions that should be asked when planning a migration to Evo Voice.

There are a lot of factors to consider when planning a switch to Evo Voice and it's easy to overlook things. This article will walk you through all of the things to think about.

The following sections will go through each thing to consider during your migration. We recommend following along with a document and entering your requirements so that after going through everything, you can give the document to the Evo Voice team and we can discuss with you.

Phone Numbers

You most likely have a lot of incoming phone numbers, we recommend putting together a spreadsheet and for each phone number, you will want to provide the following information

  1. The 10 digit number
  2. If you are a multi tenant business, the customer associated with that number, e.g. ABC Company, XYZ Company
  3. What should happen when someone calls this number during business hours? E.g. ring the operator, ring a desk phone (what extension?), ring an external number like someone's cell
  4. If this phone number rings an auto attendant, see the Auto Attendant section below
  5. What should happen when someone calls this number after hours? Should it ring voicemail, someone's cell, etc.


You probably have a bunch of phones on your current installation, Evo Voice calls these Users. The following are all examples of Users

  1. Physical Phones/Handsets
  2. Soft Phones
  3. Operators answering calls

You will want to gather all of the following information about your phones

  1. Extension/Number assigned to it - e.g. 4000, 80000
  2. Name assigned - if this is a personal phone "Mike Smith" or if its a shared phone e.g. "Conference Room 1"
  3. If you are a multi tenant business, the customer associated with that number, e.g. ABC Company, XYZ Company
  4. Type of extension - e.g. Polycom, Cisco, etc.
  5. Voicemail Greeting - we can do either text to speech which is surprisingly good or we can use an audio file that is in MP3 or WAV format (you can also record this within the system later)
  6. Email address(es) that should receive an email notification when someone leaves a voicemail (Evo Voice does not support the antiquated way of checking voicemail by dialing in)
  7. Sometimes instead of voicemail, you will want calls that are unanswered to ring to a cell phone - if so, please note this.

Auto Attendants (Menus)

There are probably a couple of numbers in your current system that when you dial will prompt you to enter something, e.g. "Press 1 for Sales, 2 for support". For each of these auto attendant menus, we will need the following information

  1. What 10 digit number rings to this auto attendant
  2. Do you want an extension assigned to this menu as well? This is important if you need to be able to transfer to it from within the console.
  3. What greeting should play when you start? "Press 1 for Sales or 2 for Support"
  4. What each number press should do - ring an extension, ring voicemail, ring a cell phone, go to another menu
  5. And repeat for any sub menus

Fax Numbers

Evo Voice supports both inbound and outbound "e-faxing". We do not support traditional fax machines however.

Outbound Faxes

Evo Voice does outbound faxes by providing you with an email address that you can send to in order to fax from one of your fax numbers

Inbound Faxes

Evo Voice supports inbound faxes in a similar way to voicemail, we will email the specified email address(es)

You will want to gather the following information for all of your fax numbers

  1. 10 digit fax number
  2. If you are a multi tenant business, the customer associated with that number, e.g. ABC Company, XYZ Company
  3. The email address(es) that should be notified when a fax is received on this line.

After we deploy your Evo Voice installation, we will provide you the email address for each fax number and instructions for sending out a fax.