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Slack is a workspace communication tool that is widely used by teams for internal communication.

Like Skype and Facebook, Evo Voice can be installed as a Skype app that allows for managing incoming messages to a Skype Channel.

Step by Step

Login to Slack

Login to Slack as an Administrator and then go to the following link:


Click the Create an App button

Give the App whatever name you want, e.g. "Voice" and choose the Workspace that you want it associated with, for example:


Click Create App

Create Slack Endpoint

In a new tab, in Evo Voice, go into the Endpoints section and click New Endpoint > Slack

(Optional) Choose a Customer to associate this Slack Endpoint with and give it a Name. NOTE The name is for descriptive purposes only, e.g. "ABC Company's Slack":


You should now see the Endpoint details screen, e.g.:


Configure Incoming Webhook

Go back to your Slack tab and click on the Incoming Webhooks section for your App and turn them On


At the bottom click the Add New Webhook to Workspace button and in the page that appears, choose which Slack Channel you want this Endpoint to talk to, e.g.


And click the Allow button

Now, Copy the Webhook URL from the Slack page


And paste that into Evo Voice on the Slack Endpoint page:


Configure Outgoing Webhook

Back in Slack, click on the Event Subscriptions section for your App and enable Events, e.g.:


Now, back in Evo Voice, copy the value of the Outgoing Webhook and paste that into the Request URL field in Slack


As soon as you paste the URL in, Slack should think for a second and then say Verified

Configure Outgoing Events

Finally, while still on the Event Subscriptions section, you need to use the Add Workspace Event button to add the message.channels event:


Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the screen

Reinstall App

Slack has probably notified you via a message at the top of the screen:


Click the reinstall your app link and then click the Reinstall App button, e.g.


And then choose your channel again etc.

Test it Out

OK now that our Slack Endpoint is ready, let's test it out with the simplest possible Flow (although like all Chat based endpoints, you can do much more)

Create a new Flow, e.g.


And in Slack, go ahead and enter the Channel you selected before and say something, e.g.



In this article, we have shown how to create a Slack app that can handle messages for your Slack channel. Like all Chat Endpoints this supports User to User chat, Say Node etc.