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Snapshots are a feature in Voice that allow you to make a complete copy of all of the settings, flows, customers, etc. currently in your Voice account and rollback to that Snapshot at any time.

Note: Snapshots do not affect Files. They will not back up or restore files.


Creating a Snapshot

Snapshots are managed in the System section of Voice on the Snapshots tab


To create a new Snapshot, simply click the Take Snapshot button and give it a Label, for example "Before Major Voicemail Changes".

You should now see the Snapshot in your list of Snapshots along with statistics about the Snapshot.


Snapshots take up very little space and can be used whenever you want to make a copy of the entire state of the system for peace of mind.

Restoring from a Snapshot

Restoring from a Snapshot, for example after accidentally messing up the system, is very simple. Click the Restore button next to the Snapshot that you want to restore from.

The system will prompt you to confirm and also give you the option to make a Snapshot before Restoring. This way, you have a copy of the system right before the Restore (in case you actually didn't mean to Restore, or if Restoring makes things worse)


Click Restore and the entire state of your system will be restored to the point in time when you made the Snapshot.

Important Note about Phone Numbers

It is important to note that restoring a Snapshot will NOT restore Phone Numbers which have been deleted. This is because when you delete a phone number, you actually release the resource from Twilio and Twilio will put that phone number into hibernation while it is cleaned. The general recommendation is do NOT delete a phone number unless you are 100% sure that you will never need it again.

Updating a Snapshot

Snapshots are very small, but in order to avoid clutter, you may prefer to just update an existing snapshot instead of creating a new one. You can do this by clicking the Update button on the Snapshot and then confirming the safety prompt.

Deleting a Snapshot

As has already been mentioned, Snapshots do not take up a lot of space and there is no requirement that you ever have to delete them, however if you prefer to avoid clutter, Snapshots can be deleted by using the Delete button and confirming the safety prompt.