Time Of Day Recipe

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Evo Voice supports various nodes to assist in doing time of day routing. Specifically you can use the Day of Week Node and the Time of Day Node.

Testing Time of Day

Evo Voice has a system setting that lets you override the system date/time so that you can test your time of day routes. You can do this by clicking on the System section > Settings tab


For example, in the screen shot above, we have told the system that the current date time is 4:00PM on September 26, 2019 and that the local time zone is Pacific Time.

We can then set up a Flow such as


And if we call or send a message, we will always get the business hours greeting. If we then change our system settings to


We will get the after hours greeting.

This also works for the day of week, e.g.


And if we keep the system date time override on Thursday, we will get our Mid Week Greeting, and if we change it to Saturday, e.g.


We will get our weekend greeting


REMEMBER - always turn off the date/time override when you are done testing because this will affect real calls.