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As part of regulations that are affecting the entire telecom industry, Evo Voice supports Twilio's trusted calling features, namely SHAKEN/STIR

SHAKEN/STIR is a way of associating valid business information with the phone number(s) on your account so that Twilio can "attest" that the number is trusted.

We've all seen the "Spam Likely" show up on our mobile phones indicating that the caller is unlikely to be trusted. SHAKEN/STIR is part of that and will ensure that this doesn't happen to your Evo Voice numbers.

Getting Started

Evo Voice has taken all of the hard work out of maintaining the SHAKEN/STIR (trusted calling) information for your lines.

All you have to do is fill out a few pieces of information one time and your numbers will be associated with trusted profile that will ensure they do not flag any trust systems.

Navigate to the System section and click on the Trust tab


Your Profile Status and SHAKEN/STIR status should both say draft if this is your first time doing this.

You will need to fill out all of these sections of information

Business Info

This information must be valid information about your company. Twilio will be validating this information and will reject the profile if it isn't correct.

Where possible, we have provided drop-downs to ensure you can't enter an invalid value.

Business Name Your legal business name
Business Type The type of business (choose from list)
Registration Type The way Twilio will validate your business identity (in the US this will typically be an EIN or a DUNS number)
Business Identifier Based on the registration type you chose, the number/ID for that type, e.g. your EIN/DUNS number
Industry Select closest from list
Website A valid URL (with http)
Region Choose from list


The address of your business and the customer name associated, e.g. "Evo Technologies" (typically your business name)

Representative 1 and 2

You must enter TWO representatives for your business, this can be any two contacts that Twilio can reach via email for notifications and status updates to this profile/trust information

You must enter all data here or the profile will be automatically rejected.


Submission happens in two phases, first Twilio will approve your business profile information and then once that has happened, they will approve your SHAKEN/STIR (trusted calling application) which we create automatically for you based on the numbers in your account.

If you have a partial submission, you can click the Save button to save your data and come back later to fill the rest out.

Once you have fully filled out all sections and all fields, you can click the "and Submit to Twilio" button and we will submit your profile information to Twilio.

You *should* receive an automated email letting you know when your profile has been approved/rejected but sometimes this doesn't happen. We recommend the following

1. Roughly 5 mins after submitting, refresh the Trust page on Evo Voice and see if your Profile Status says "rejected" or "pending approval". If it says rejected, it means that you entered invalid data in one or more of the fields, if it says pending approval, that means the automatic validation passed and we are waiting on a Twilio validation of the data.

2. Once it's pending approval, set a reminder to check back in a few days to see if it has been approved. You will most likely get an automated email before then letting you know if it was approved or not, but it's best to set a reminder as well.

3. Once the Profile Status says "twilio-approved", you must click on the "and Submit to Twilio" button again and we will submit your SHAKEN/STIR information to Twilio. Follow the same process to check your SHAKEN/STIR profile status and if it gets rejected please let us know


If your profile has been rejected and you cannot figure out why, please let your Evo Voice representative know and we will reach out to Twilio on your behalf. This is still a new system so there are a few things that Twilio has to work out with the process.