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Evo Voice supports the concept of a Workflow which is basically a conversation between a single party and the system.

Workflows leverage all of the power of the Flow/Node system in a unique way to allow for guided, interactive forms for info gathering, similar to a "wizard".

Getting Started

There are two parts to creating a workflow - creating the Flow and creating the Endpoint. Let's go ahead and create a simple Say Flow to get started, such as:


And go ahead and create a new Workflow Endpoint such as


You can give your new Workflow a description if you want and make sure to assign the Flow from above to this Workflow

Now go ahead and copy the Workflow URL and paste that into a browser tab, you should see something similar to the following:


The Workflow will not start until you click the Start button. Go ahead and click that and you should see our Say message, e.g.


Not very impressive is it? Let's go ahead and create a more complicated workflow that gathers some information using either the Collect Information Node or the Prompt Node


When we start this flow, you will see that we now get prompted for fields etc.


And at the end of the flow, an SMS message will go out as expected.

Supported Nodes

Workflows support almost all of the standard nodes and have special purpose handling for the Say Node, Prompt Node, and Collect Information Node.

You cannot use any voice related nodes such as Dial, Play Audio, or Record Audio currently.

HostedSuite Integration

Workflows integrate very easily into HostedSuite, simply copy the Workflow URL into a new link for the client, such as:


And now we have a guided Workflow directly within the HostedSuite console